Friend Groups

At The Ransom, we believe it’s crucial to learn about Jesus in community with one another. A new way we are doing this is through Friend Groups.

Friend Groups are small gatherings of friends and family that meet together to discuss life, do devotionals, and pray together. These groups are organic, grassroots meetings that are not put together by the church, but are organized by you and your friends who have decided to get together and simply do life together. To help with these friend groups we have provided resources below.

If you have any questions about friend groups or would like more information about other group options at The Ransom, please contact Pastor Phil Wiseman at

Interested in starting your own friend group? Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out THIS FORM so we can support you as you start your Friend Group
  2. Download resources below to lead your group in discussion
  3. Get a group together!


Home Run Life

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Week 2:    Discussion Questions          Discussion Video          Message

Week 3:    Discussion Questions          Discussion Video          Message

Week 4:    Discussion Questions          Discussion Video          Message