Summer School

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Spiritual Friendship

Americans are among the loneliest people in the world. This 4 week class explores how the Christian doctrine of spiritual friendship can combat the pandemic of loneliness by befriending God, befriending the Church and befriending the World.

Leader: Jake Thurston

Dates: Wednesdays, May 31 – June 21

Time: 6:30PM

Downtown Campus


Talking with God

The truth is, prayer is simple. It’s like talking; talking with a good friend. Here’s the best part: No matter where we are in life, God can’t wait to talk with us. What does it look like to pray in the midst of your life? What do you say when you don’t know how to pray? I’m asking the same questions. Let’s talk. Adam Weber-Author

Leader: Glenn Stanley

Dates: Wednesdays, June 28 – August 2

Time: 6:30PM

Downtown Campus


Prayer & Worship

This group combines modern-day and ancient worship practices with a strong emphasis on prayer. It is designed for people to worship God in a new way that stretches and grows them.

Leader: Jason Mueller & Jake Thurston

Dates: Every Tuesday Night this Summer!

Time: 6:30PM

Downtown Campus

Lessons from the Tackle Box

If you are a man who wants to learn how to better encourage and love his family, this group is for you.  Please join us on a powerful journey toward leaving a legacy that can last for generations. Our loved ones need to hear two things: that we love them and that we are proud of them.  We will do this in the form of short letters, written at key moments in life. This class will guide you through a prayerful process of writing letters to those you love. Don’t underestimate the power of your written word, as husband, father, son, and friend!

Leader: Rob Collins

Downtown Campus Session: Wednesdays, May 31 – July 5

Time: 6:30 PM

Downtown Campus

South Campus Session:  Saturdays, June 3 – July 15

Time: 9:00 AM

South Campus