What to Expect

Are you new to The Ransom Church?

At The Ransom, we have an extremely simple church model.  We intentionally have lean programming because what we do, we want to do well.  So when you stop by, you may not see some of the familiar events and programs often found in churches.  Some of the common sayings around here are, “it’s time to choose calling over comfort”, “no one has it all together”, and “where are you serving free of self?”

Everything we do is focused around our mission and core values.  We value people, a lot!  When you visit one of our campuses or venues, we’ll be there to greet you at the door.  We are a volunteer driven church so you will likely interact with several volunteer team members before meeting any of our paid leadership staff.


There are three easy on ramps for you to consider as you look into joining us:


The Weekend Experience.

  • This is a large gathering where people, of multiple ages and backgrounds, are free to explore the teachings of Jesus and engage in passionate worship together.  You will be greeted at the front door and encouraged to grab a coffee or soda.  This is a comfortable and non-threatening environment for those looking for a fresh start or new beginning.  Click here for more info!



Ransom Kids and Ransom Teens.

  • We have safe, fun and interactive environments for students and kids to meet new friends, be encouraged and learn more about God’s best for their lives.  In all we do for children and students, we strive to partner with their guardians to empower them to be confident about who they are and to be difference makers in their schools, homes and city.  Click here for more info about Ransom Kids or Ransom Teens.



Community Groups.

  • These small group environments give you the opportunity to grow in your faith and deepen relational connections with other people.  Click here to find a group!



We are honored by your interest in The Ransom Church and hope to meet you soon.  Feel free to browse the rest of our website or call the Central Office with any questions.  Also, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.