Downtown Campus

The west side of our church building (from the corner of 3rd and Main, north) will be closed for construction starting April 9 until further notice.  Our west door and street parking will not be accessible during that time.  Please plan accordingly!  Thank you.


Downtown Campus
Phil grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and showed an interest in music since he was young. He started leading worship in high school and went on to get a BA in Church Music from Indiana Wesleyan University. While at IWU, he met Natalie, and they got married in June of 2006. The Wiseman’s moved to Sioux Falls the summer they got married, and Phil worked at Linwood Wesleyan Church as the Pastor of Worship Arts while Natalie taught kindergarten. After nearly 3 years, Phil and Natalie sensed that God might be asking them to leave the job at Linwood to help start a new church that Linwood was planting, which we know today as The Ransom. Today, Phil serves as the Downtown Campus Pastor at The Ransom and on the teaching team as well. Phil and Natalie have 2 daughters, Bella and Vienna and a son, Rowan.

Phil is a self-described “education addict,” so he also holds a Master of Divinity degree from Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Biblical Interpretation through the London School of Theology. He considers it a tremendous privilege to serve at a church like The Ransom, where we are committed to setting captives free!
If you would like to connect with Phil, please feel free to email him at or look him up on Facebook!