Guide To A Great Christmas Eve at Downtown Campus



What do I do if I got tickets to one service but decided to go to a different service?

You will need to fill out a second reservation form to reserve tickets for the service you’d like to attend.  Hold on to the tickets you will not be using and bring them to the Ticket Table that will be set up in the lobby on Sunday, December 17 or before the Christmas Eve service.

When do I get my tickets?

Tickets will be mailed to you within 5-7 days of your reservation.  Tickets reserved after Wednesday, December 12 will be available to be picked up at the ticket table in the campus lobbies before the service you will be attending.

What happens if all the services tickets are reserved?  Will people be able to walk in and be part of a service?

We do hold aside a limited number of tickets for those people decide to attend a Christmas Eve service but didn’t realize they need a ticket.

What if I haven’t received my tickets yet?

All tickets that haven’t been received yet by mail will be available at the Ticket Table at the service you attend. Please come to the lobby early and visit our Ticket Table located in the lobby next to the coke cooler.

I have extra tickets we’re not using?

Bring them to will call and we can give them out to walk-ins.

Where is The Ransom Church located?

Our Christmas Eve services are being held at:
Downtown Campus, 700 N Main Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
South Campus, 6101 S. Charger Circle, Sioux Falls, SD 57108
West Campus, 100 N Ebenezer Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57107

When are the services scheduled?

Sunday, December 23 | 10:00AM
Monday, December 24 | 3:00PM & 5:00PM

Sunday, December 23 | 10:00AM
Monday, December 24 | 3:00PM & 5:00PM

Thursday, December 20 | 7:00PM
Sunday, December 23 | 10:00AM
Monday, December 24 | 5:00PM

When should I arrive?

The lobby will open one hour prior to the first service.  The main doors into the service will open 30 minutes prior to each service. Please note that if you are not in your seat when service begins, your seat may be released for someone else to use, even if you have a ticket. Keep this in mind and please arrive in a timely fashion.

Where should I park?

* Click image to view google map.

Where should I sit?

Your tickets are general admission, so the earlier you arrive, the more likely it is that you can get seats where you would like to sit and that your whole family can sit together. Please fill in towards the front and center of all sections first to leave the open seats on the outside of each section and near the back for those still coming in. Please note that the later that you arrive, the less likely it will be that your whole family will be able to sit together – so plan accordingly. We cannot guarantee group seating for last minute arrivals.

Will there be Ransom Kids?

The Ransom Kids Nursery will be available for ages 0-3. The nursery is located in the north side of our lobby. Volunteers will be available to assist you in getting name tags printed for your children and getting them all checked in and safe! The Nursery will be open 30 minutes prior to the first service for each night. Please remember to allow 5-10 minutes extra time if you plan to use childcare for the check-in process.

Where can I hang my coat?

Coat hooks can be found in the lobby on the South side of the lobby.  Please hang your coat so as to leave you more room at your seat.

Will there be an offering taken?

Yes, The Ransom DOES take an offering on Christmas Eve, and we are excited that all of our offering (unless specifically noted) we receive will be given away! This year’s offering will be split between a local and a regional cause. The causes are still being discussed so check back soon to find out who we will be collecting for.


So that’s it! That’s what you need to know! Come early and come ready! God is going to do amazing things at our Christmas Eve services.
Feel free to contact us with any questions at Otherwise, we’ll see you at Christmas Eve services!