Online Giving
Give one time or set up an recurring auto tithe by clicking here!

Sunday Worship Services
Just place a check or cash in one of our offering buckets on Sunday morning.  Offering envelopes are available for your gift at the HUB in the Campus lobby’s.  Gifts can be made payable to The Ransom Church.

How can I view and print my giving statement online?
Thank you for the support you have given The Ransom Church!  You can look at your giving statement anytime throughout the year and also downloaded your year end statement by accessing our online community, HUB Online and your personal profile.

Is this your first visit our online community?  Click here to get started!

1.  Click the login box on “Sign up”.
2.  Create your username and password to gain access to the HUB Online.

When you have a username and password, follow these simple steps to print your statement:

1.  Click here to see your profile page.
2.  On the left side of the page, click $ Give.
3.  Click SCHEDULES/HISTORY. (Note you can toggle between individual and family giving.)
4.  On the right side of the page click on GIVING STATEMENT.
5.  Choose the type: Family or Individual.
6.  Choose date range.
7.  Click CREATE.
8.  Print!

Please don’t hesitate to call the office at 605-339-3733 or email with any questions!