Discipleship Pathway

Welcome to this Discipleship journey

Thank you for being willing to step out in faith and join believers from throughout the centuries in following Jesus’ call to make disciples. On this journey, you may find yourself in the seat of the person beginning their discipleship journey (the Disciple), or you may find yourself in the seat of the one leading this journey (the Discipler).

Whatever role God has you playing right now, we are grateful for your willingness, humility, and courage.

Eventually, God’s goal for all of us is to move from just being a Disciple to actually being a Discipler, pouring our life into other people. This Discipleship journey will not only help you grow and mature in your own followership of Jesus, it is designed to equip you to move from being a Disciple to being a true Disciple Maker.  So let’s get started.

If you are the Disciple (student): CLICK HERE

If you are the Discipler (teacher): CLICK HERE

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