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“My session encouraged me by showing, again, how accessible Jesus is to me (at any time!) and how much He desires to set me free for His glory. Just like hurt people, hurt people — I truly believe that free people, free people. I’m so thankful the Restore Team exists. I’ve used some of the techniques I’ve learned through Restore for greater visualization and focus in my own prayer time.”

“Restore was amazing…  God took me in a different direction than I expected but he showed me a wound I didn’t realize was the start of so much pain for me…God truly spoke to me in ways I’ve never seen or heard before and today already, I find myself yearning to be back in that place with Him.  It was so intimate, so loving, so needed.  Thank you for offering this ministry at The Ransom.  Life changing experience.  I will never look at Jesus the same.”

“My faith grew more in three hours than it did my entire life!  I’m no longer suffocating in guilt, anger, loneliness and shame. Those dark feelings have been wiped away by Jesus’s perfect blood. They were replaced with absolute joy when I saw how pure and real his love is for me.”

“I wanted to tell you that you have such an incredible ministry with Restore.  I have never felt Jesus more present with me than I did last night.  It was a strange, overwhelming, and intensely peaceful feeling.  I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity.”

“How incredible to be part of a church family that sacrifices its time and lifts up members in prayer.  Thank you for the Restore session, and allowing Jesus to speak through you!  I have been processing a lot, and my eyes are being opened to see areas of healing and redemption that are already at work because of the session- how incredible is that?  I’m so uplifted and encouraged that the Lord showed up last night and brought so many things to light.”

“I find myself more aware of lies that the enemy tries to tell, and standing firm in the truth of Jesus.”

“The best part of my session was that it was non judgemental and it was very freeing, like a huge weight off my shoulders and chest that I didn’t even know was there. It totally changed my perspective on God, myself, and my life and I’ve grown up in the Church.”

“My Restore sessions were such spiritual life changing experiences, and I am so incredibly thankful for the people who are a part of this ministry and the way it completely changed my understanding of Jesus!”

“The best part of my session was experiencing a new way of talking to God.”

“You have such an incredible ministry with Restore. I have never felt Jesus more present with me than I did last night. It was a strange, overwhelming, and intensely peaceful feeling. I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity.”

“I am really thankful that I am developing better habits to go to God first in prayer, and I think the session helped prepare me to face more and also trust that God’s the one who will carry the weight of it all.”

“It was very helpful! It felt really good to unload that “backpack” with Jesus. Afterwards, I felt closer to God in such an unexplainable way. After the session it was like a big weight was taken off my shoulders.”

“Restore has helped me to forgive myself and others, see my true sense of self apart from my inner wounds, not see my self-worth synonymously with those wounds, see Jesus in a new perspective and the way he is for me.”

Every session is different and there’s no way I can prepare for it every time. Healing happens every time. I learn something about who Jesus is every time. I learn who I was created to be.

“I have been made more aware of lies that I have succumbed to over the years and how Jesus has and will continue to defeat them.”

“I am so thankful that our church has the Restore ministry, and that I decided to go through a session.  It was hard, and wonderful, and truly amazing.”

“I am really thankful that I am developing better habits to go to God first in prayer, and I think the session helped prepare me to face more and also trust that God’s the one who will carry the weight of it all.”

I’m feeling so good. Seriously. I’m really at peace and have a new confidence in several things that weren’t like that before. Can’t thank you guys enough for all that you do and letting God use you to speak into people’s lives like that! It’s truly a remarkable ministry.”

“I am doing much better in general, learning to take care of myself, and except everything the way it is right now, as well as working to improve it. I feel like between  Church, restore, and therapy,  I have really got a lot more resources to manage the challenges in my life. The support that I received from the team was extremely valuable. Having the notes to take with me at the end was especially helpful, and hanging onto the truths  we focused on during the session.”

“My restore session brought healing to a season of my life that has affected me for three years. Not only did it restore my confidence, it brought clarity to who I am in Christ. The session taught me new tangible ways to pray and connect with the Lord that I will continue to use in my personal prayer time.”

“I do not even know how to express how grateful I am for my Restore session. Since then, I have often looked back over the notes that you each provided me with for encouragement and support and have found them to be incredibly uplifting. I greatly appreciate your prayers and all that you do! Thank you so much!”

“My Restore session was extremely powerful.  Jesus came to a place of long-term pain in my life- a memory that haunted me most of my life and I replayed often.  It was one of deep fear and unforgiveness.  One of the most surprising things was that, even though I was a young child, going back brought forgiveness to ME as an adult in my relationships now.  I see this memory still, but instead of fear, I see the Cross of Jesus.”

“My life is different now.  There is a boldness I do not recognize as something I ever possessed before my session.  I speak even when there is fear.  I confront instead of ignore.  Not perfectly, but with what I have in the moment.”

“I am finally free from so much yuck that has held me down from my childhood. I received healing from hurts that have been with me since I was a very young girl. Jesus is our healer- this is certainly a life-changing ministry!”

“It is crazy how God puts things on your heart that you never thought existed! During the session, I could truly feel Jesus sitting next to me and holding my hand through the process! It was so powerful!”

“How awesome the team was and my leader was so supportive. I loved the girls involved in my session. I think one of my most favorite parts was just being able to clearly see and feel Jesus with me the whole time.”

“I absolutely loved Restore! I was so nervous going in, but it turned out to be a great experience. It was scary and powerful but so good and so needed in my life.”

“Since I met with you, one of the things I mentioned was have the feelings of pressure released, and that is improving.  I feel closer to the Lord, and my prayers are changing.  I sense many things, not sure how to verbalized them. I remain still and trust Him.  I speak to others when I hear what He wants them to know and it is very obvious I am suppose to share.  I feel blessed to know you and your team. The healing that is happening for many people from this ministry is wonderful.  I am sure I will do another session at some point.”

“My Restore session was so much more than I could have hoped for. God did so much in my heart during my session, I’m still processing it and praying through it all. I feel so much peace afterwards, like I was power washed on the inside and all the yuckiness was blasted away.”

“Through [serving in] Restore sessions I’ve been exposed to radical amounts of God’s compassion through Jesus. It’s rubbing off on how I treat myself when I fall short! Because I’ve felt His compassion towards strangers I can’t help but believe He feels that way about me. It’s helped me speed through a lot of the “hiding” from God because of sin in my life and instead to face Him, repent and move on much quicker knowing I’m still in His love.”

“I am coming up on the anniversary of the event that God brought me to in my first Restore session.  For the first time in 9 years, I can see hope in that moment. I remember it entirely differently. I see where Jesus was in that moment, holding my hand, telling me He loved me. I see His face, loving and forgiving and accepting, in place of a dark, overwhelming sense of letting Him down and my own shame. I see how he took me forward from that moment, and even used that event to create something beyond what I ever imagined in my life today! I never could have begun to hope for this perspective on that moment, and am so thankful for the work He has done through this ministry. Not only has this moment changed, but it was a catalyst for changing my understanding of WHO Christ is. Because of that, Easter has a new meaning to me this year.”

[Restore] has influenced me in the way I view my thoughts, and has helped start a shift in my thinking to see how God has given me specific gifts and abilities, and how satan has tried to steal and distort those gifts in order to create stress/worry/fear and other insecurities in my life.”

“The Restore session was a great way to step out of my comfort zone to grow in my faith. This rose my awareness of what could be distracting me from connecting deeper in faith.  [The best part of my session was] the way Jesus uses others to dig deeper into your testimony to bring awareness of where Jesus has been in your life, even when you don’t realize he has always been with you. Bringing a group of believers together to grow others in faith is excellent.”

“Having a Restore Session reminds me of the importance a community of believers holds for the benefit of us as individual believers. I am encouraged by their willingness and excitement to pray on my behalf as well as by the safety and freedom present in each session. I was holding on to something that has manifested other areas of darkness in my life and had not shared it with anyone because of the shame I felt even though it was something that happened 6 years ago. I now have freedom from shame and guilt that could only have come through an experience like this.”

The best part [of my session] was feeling so strongly the presence of God in the room and being more in-tuned with His voice. I have heard God speak to me before but this was different.”

I had been aware that I was in bondage for quite awhile, a number of years actually. It was getting to the point where I could feel myself getting lost to it, I was becoming smaller, it was becoming greater. My Restore session was critical in freeing me from this oppression. I’d been trying to deal with it alone, privately. There is no way I could have been freed on my own… Since my Restore session I feel free and full of life. I can actually feel the Holy Spirit moving in me in a tangible way. Before I had felt nothing, I had felt dead, hollow, cut off from God.”

“I knew I was in a safe place, and that those around me were battling on my behalf, and that God was working to heal a wound in my life that I had glossed over for years.”

My Restore session was exactly what I needed to truly heal from the junk that has been plaguing me for a very long time. I began identifying and facing my junk years ago, but I just could not find real healing and resolution. The session created space for Jesus to meet me right where I needed him to and to finally, once and for all, find redemption for a painful place in my heart. Since the session, I have a peace that is difficult to describe and a hope for the future that is truly a gift.  The team was phenomenal and the prayer and intercession that was occurring during the session was palpable. There was no fear of judgment; only love and understanding.”

“The healing from my Restore session has been profound and amazing. On the one hand, it seemed so simple: three hours of worship, prayer, and time with Jesus, and all the residue of life’s hurts was truly washed away. I felt so much lighter in spirit, and I was able to shine light and love on those around me so much more easily. And yet, despite this “simplicity,” I was also given so much to think about. It’s as though someone handed me a brand-new lens to view my life, and the new connections and perspective are fascinating. I have a renewed yet deeper appreciation for the gifts in my life, as I now see them as the gift from Jesus that they truly are.”

After my Restore Session I notice my prayer life has changed. I can testify that what James 5:16 says, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  I feel a sense of liberty with the Lord. I truly feel set free.”

“I did indeed find the session very helpful and powerful. Perhaps most powerful of all was simply recognizing the love and willingness of the team to take three hours out of their night just for me, praying for me, and working to see God’s love break through in my life. Restore really is an amazing ministry…I went to Restore not really knowing what to expect, but when I encountered God there I almost felt like He wanted to remind me of what He’s been telling me all along; he was inviting me to trust Him.

“It was encouraging to meet with God in a new way. I was encouraged that every part of the session was completely biblical. In a way you could say that I experienced the living word of God!”

“Restore and Inner Healing Ministry has been an integral part of my faith journey. Before my first encounter with this idea of inner healing, I was so confused and lost as to who I was. Really, as to who Christ was. I believed so many lies about myself – that I was dirty, beyond repair, forgotten, cast aside. That I had lost my call to ministry because of my mistakes. That I was unlovable. The list could go on. But through Inner Healing and Restore, I have been able to face those lies. To recognize that there is no ounce of truth in any of them. Beyond that, I have gained a tool to help walk others through this process, as well as re-walking myself through it. Restore has equipped me to be a better minister of the Gospel and has equipped me to be able to take better care of myself spiritually.”

“I’m not sure I can put into words how thankful I am for the Restore Team and for how God used them to speak so clearly & personally to me. I felt so loved throughout the entire session – even when I confessed a sin that I’d never confessed to anyone before. It was the most freeing thing I’ve ever done. I learned how to see that Jesus has been with me and is with me always. I learned how to call out lies and replace them with His truth. I felt His presence and Him speaking to me like never before. I saw how much I need Him and how much He wants to take my insecurity, shame, and unbelief and replace them with His love. In a nutshell I saw, felt, and experienced how very REAL He is.”

“Restore has played a huge role in my relationship with my fiancee as we prepare for marriage. It’s allowed us to be completely open & honest with one another- to confess to one another, and receive those confessions with grace, love & truth. It’s also given us a framework for how to identify lies and replace them with God’s truth. We’re so thankful for what God has done through our own personal Restore sessions!”

“I almost feel like I can breathe a little deeper or something. God is continuing to work in my life and I am so thankful for my Restore session and for the love and grace you all showed me.”

“After recently being physically healed after praying with members of the Restore Team after church a few weeks before my session, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The session provided a sense of renewal that I’m not sure I have ever experienced, at least not to that degree. It was amazing how strong some of the attacks on my heart were – some were so common that I didn’t even realize they were going on.”

“I found [the session] to be very organic in the steps and even though it was different, it made sense to me. I was also surprised at how much one moment in my history could change the course of my emotional well-being. However, Christ steps in and removes the power from that moment in time and freedom is possible.”

“The best part of the session was the closure I got after digging through the rough parts of my past and involving Jesus in that process…which is where He should be, and where He was waiting.”

“One of the many things I have learned through being a part of Restore is that everybody is a broken person who God loves immensely. He wants the best for us and the best for us is to live fully immersed in him, free from sin. Times when I would grow frustrated with people or minimize a person’s value I now find myself heartbroken for the way the enemy has footholds in their lives. Instead of grumbling, I plead with God that the footholds in their life would start to crumble, and that I would have the opportunity to be a part of that process.”

“I thought I was a super compassionate person, but that was nothing compared to what God has done in me as far as having love and compassion for every person.”

“What a ministry! His light illuminates the darkness. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it. (John 1:5) Amen! God makes beauty from ashes when we give them to him… One of the amazing revelations [in my session] was that the darkness I was seeing was not getting closer to me and trying to overtake me, but that as the Holy Spirit fills my life more and more the wonderful light of God is shining on the darkness so it can’t hide anymore!!! What a revelation! Praise God!”

“I signed up for my Restore session with a certain sin in mind that I wanted to combat, but God had so much more in mind for me. Once I was finally able to let the Holy Spirit lead the session in the way that He wanted it to go, I was able to smash weights in my life that I didn’t even know were hindering my understanding of what it means to be loved and cherished by Christ. The session provided me with a mindset of how to hand hindrances in my life that keep me captive over to Christ fully. Bible passages about how nothing can hide in the darkness when the light of Christ shines make complete sense to me now and have already made a huge impact on how I deal with sin in my life.”

“I felt completely loved in that environment by people who I didn’t know very well, and that is exactly what I needed in order to expose some of the things that have been living in dark corners of my heart…Restore perfectly depicts the mission of The Ransom.”

“I’ve learned that what I used to think were the normal ups and downs of life, specifically emotional battles and anxiety, are opportunities to yield myself over to God’s power.”

“I really liked that my Restore session gave me a process to work through my struggles. I never had the tools, understanding, or support to try to tackle those things hiding in the dark corners of my soul. It was helpful to work through issues that were weighing me down. I feel so much more free!”

Despite being a Christian my whole life, this was the first time I understood Jesus on a personal level. I realized that He cares about me and my issues, and can carry those burdens that overwhelm me.

“Through my Restore session, I discovered that I had believed a lie of being unwanted ever since I was a small child. This discovery, and breaking free from this lie, has had a profound impact on multiple areas in my life. The session, combined with [a sermon] about being “All In” has me taking a new approach to issues I have struggled with for years and leaving it all at the altar, instead of holding things back.”

“Growing up in the church, I’ve absorbed all of the lessons about God and Jesus that you’d think. But there has been an evident disconnect from head knowledge to bone deep understanding until my Restore session. I can talk the talk about giving control over to Jesus, how much he loves me, and so on. But in my session I experienced Jesus’ love for me in a way that I couldn’t just chalk up to theories or concepts; that in my failures, in my weaknesses, in my dark nights of the soul, He was there. It made all of those things I used to know in my head take root in my heart. It was a beautiful experience of a love that I only sang about in songs. This isn’t to say that I don’t still question things or that I don’t have things to deal with, but now I know, that I know, that I know, I am not meant to carry these things alone. Jesus has my back, and has given me a box full of tools to help me find freedom and restoration in Him.”

“[My Restore Session] helped me see that when I was young I made some decisions about Jesus-and that I did not have all information or understanding that I needed at the time because of some heavy things that were happening in my life. So I became fearful of God/Jesus in an unhealthy or inappropriate way.”

“I feel more connected to the Holy Spirit than I ever have before, especially since doing a Restore session. I’m so grateful and appreciative of the Restore ministry and thankful to your team for all they do!”

“I feel like a completely different person since doing my first session. I have been made new. I have gained complete freedom from things I thought were just a part of who I was and that I would always have to battle and deal with. Ransom Restore not only helps you gain freedom and victory, it also equips you to continue on the path to becoming a more whole and restored person. Doing this has taught me that holiness is a process and showed me the value of continuing that journey.  Dealing with our issues and/or sin is not fun, but when you bring it all into the light and fully accept the atonement of Jesus Christ it is the most fulfilling and rewarding thing you can possibly do in your spiritual walk.”

“Knowing that my brothers and sisters in Christ were willing to come alongside me and fight for me and with me was beautiful and powerful. I felt loved and accepted by the team with no judgment or condemnation and the realization of that acceptance has changed me and helped me find release from shame and the fear of being rejected if my faults were exposed.”

“My Restore Session was helpful to uncover some areas where I was hurt so I could release it to God. I’m not alone because God loves and cares about me.”

“For months I had been unable to sleep through the night without waking up from night terrors, but ever since my Restore session I have been able to sleep peacefully. I have also been able to find peace with situations that happened in my past. Since my Restore session I have been able to identify a few other things that I need to work through, but I now know how to work through them and am better able to identify which thoughts in my head are tempting me. This allows me to shut them down immediately and choose Truth instead. I felt so honored and blessed to be surrounded by people who I didn’t even know who were there, giving up their time, to pray for me.”

“After my Restore session – and even during- I had this overwhelming sense of freedom and lightness.  Almost as if I wanted to skip around. It’s something I haven’t felt in a long time, and I know that Jesus truly did take my “bricks” and burdens away. It was amazing, and it’s a feeling that has continued on these past couple days since my session. It feels like those things that had been weighing on me for so long are just gone. And it’s hard to explain, but it’s a beautiful thing!  I’d recommend it to absolutely everyone!”

“My Restore session was more than I could have imagined. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room working within me. The best part was being in prayer with people I trusted and being very intentional about approaching things I’ve been holding on to so that I could focus on restoration and healing.”

“After my Restore session the Holy Spirit has overwhelmed me with his presence…my awareness of His presence is so much clearer. It is so much easier to surrender to his promise and to declare His truth over my life.  The best part of my session was being in the literal presence of Jesus. I never have felt such peace and in need of grace in my life, and he was there waiting to just hold me.”

“I feel like it was very beneficial. I woke up the next morning and felt different. I couldn’t place my finger on it right away but it was a lightness of body, mind and spirit. The day seemed brighter and more full of promise for the future than any I had experienced in some time.”

“My second Restore session was even better than the first. By me partnering with the Holy Spirit from square one, the team was able to lead me through cleaning a lot of muck in my life that I hadn’t even realized was there. I had been agreeing with so many lies that God’s truth was being blocked in certain areas of my life, and it feels so freeing to have those false agreements broken down and remember what it looks like to truly turn burdens over to Jesus.”

 “I knew from my previous experience how much the members of the Restore team love to help others find freedom because of how much they have loved finding freedom themselves. Because I knew this was their heart in serving on the team, I actually looked forward to bringing some of the most shameful areas of my life into the light so that the Holy Spirit could do some serious work. It felt so great!”

“Recently, I have felt as though there was something blocking and hindering my relationship with God. I’ve always gone through these cycles in my relationship with the Lord. However, since my Restore Session, I have felt that blocking begin to lift, which is so awesome to me. Also, I know I have a lot of hurt still lingering within myself, and some emotional barriers that I have up. But I’ve started to feel some of those barriers crumble, and I’m beginning to feel myself open up more to my emotions. I know it has only been a few days, but it is so awesome the difference I can already feel.”

“I think the best part of my session was being in a room full of people that I know loved me, and that I know were not judging me for the deep wounds I expressed during my session. They are wounds that I’m not comfortable talking to anyone about, so I was just so encouraged throughout the session and so overwhelmed with the amount of love that the team showed toward me.”