Necessary and Unnecessary Judgments

I’m judgmental. So are you. In fact, we’re all judgmental. We can’t help ourselves. We have been giving a brain that makes deductions and based on those deductions makes judgment calls. So in some ways, we can’t help ourselves.  Add to that the confusion that stems from what seems to be some mixed messages in scripture […]

Putting on a Good Face

What does it look like to be image bearers?  In last week’s blog, we talked about how we are far too often broken image bearers, reflecting a distorted version of Christ. But how did we get there? And what does it look like to fix it? This is nothing new. In fact, to illustrate, I’m […]

Broken Image Bearers

Yup. We went there. Sunday we dove into our newest series- Why Christians are Annoying. I think it’s important for us as believers to own the facts. We can’t live with the blinders on thinking that Christians have a good reputation in the world. We have to admit to ourselves that Christians aren’t really seen […]

Awaken the Church

Sunday our Campus Pastors took the reins and spoke to each of our campuses about what was on their heart and what they felt was most relevant for their campus going into the New Year. Consider this blog my chance to do the same thing.  Last New Year’s weekend, Phil Wiseman shared a sermon that […]

Merry Christmas from the Ransom Church!!!

  Merry Christmas from The Ransom Church!  Hope you’re having a great time with your family. Here’s a short Christmas devotional from Pastors Phill and Stephani Tague:    

Gospel Carriers

What does a Gospel Carrier look like?  Sunday, we continued our series with the story of the shepherds, this unlikely group of misfits and social outcasts. When you talk about the shepherds, you can’t help but talk about the unlikely nature of the angel coming to them. You can’t help but see the juxtaposition between […]

The Crazy God is Calling you to

What are you doing that doesn’t make sense? Sunday, we continued our series by unpacking the story of Joseph, and the reality that all of us will be called to do things in life that we don’t want to do, but the love of Christ compels us to do them. It seems this time of […]

Two Kinds of Doubt

Sunday we started our series by diving into the Story of Mary and two questions that she needed to wrestle with that ultimately, all of us need to wrestle with as well.  Is Jesus worth it? Can God do this? It was her ability to wrestle down the answer to both those questions that allowed […]

The Paralyzing Power of What If…

Sunday we talked (again) about the Good Samaritan- a story we have hit a lot this year. There are so many layers to this story, but all of them come back to the same central idea: What are you doing to help others? Sunday was an unapologetic challenge for those of you who are attending […]

Red Sea faith and Jordan River Faithfulness

Sunday, Pastor Phil Wiseman wrapped up what has arguably been the most powerful series in the history of The Ransom Church. We are celebrating that we continue to hear story after story of people who are choosing courage in the face of fear, are stepping out of the boat and are following God’s call into […]