Scheduling Margin

Everyone has a suggestion about how I should use my time…I find this interesting…

I have read some books and talked to some leaders that tell me that ministry is all about great leadership and that great leaders know how to manage time well and how to make the most of every hour of the day…these leaders try to do EVERYTHING.

I have read other more contemplative books and talked to other leaders who so that leadership and church growth are the devil and that true ministry is all about waiting on God…and I feel like sometimes they use this thought process as an excuse to not do ANYTHING.

I think they are ALL wrong. 

Actually, I think they are all partially right…but I think scheduling is like so many things in our faith journey…whether it is good or bad is predicated on whether or not there is BALANCE.

Every good thing, when taken to excess becomes a problem. Eating is good…but when done to excess it can become sinful. Sex is good…within the confines of the relationship God set forth for us…but when taken out of that context, it is a problem. 

Schedule is no different. As we look to schedule margin, we can go too far either way. Busyness can be a good thing…but when it goes too far and we have NO margin, it is a problem. But on the flip side, having NOTHING to do leads to apathy and laziness, which scripture also speaks about.

I think the key to margin is not about how much or how little you have, but about balance. Is your schedule balanced so that you have enough of everything God intends for your life? Are you balanced enough that you have time built in for work and for play, for family and friends, for time in God’s word and in prayer…and time to just be still…

If these things are all a priority in your life, they should make the schedule. So as you look at your schedule, ask yourself…is it dominated by anything? What is that thing in your life that is stealing all your time and as a result leaving you out of balance and with a lack of margin in your life?