Series Over, Prayer just getting started…


So that’s it… our series on prayer is over. But the time for prayer is just getting started.

We have been studying The Lord’s Prayer, and have sought to discover what it truly means to pray the contents of that prayer in our lives. But if all that has happened in this series is that you got a better understanding of this prayer, you stopped too soon.

You see, as valuable as this is as a template, The Lord’s Prayer was meant to be so much more. Yes, this template for prayer gives us great insight into HOW we are to pray. But I think the most important part of this verse isn’t actually found in the prayer itself. It is found in 3 simple words: When you pray.

If we should learn ANYTHING from a series like this, it should be that God expects us to pray. The fact that Christ took the time to teach us how not to pray and how to pray should be our first clue that He expects us to pray. And I am not just talking about saying these words every day…I am talking about connecting and communicating with God.

You see, that’s what prayer really is…talking with God. And not only that…it is God talking to us. It is getting to the point where we communicate with Him on a deeper, spiritual level. The Lord’s prayer is a great starting point, but it is just that…a start. Hopefully this series has helped you see that we definitely need to make much of God as we pray. We need to make Him Holy. We need to seek His will for this world so we can be part of bringing about His kingdom on this earth. We need to learn to daily depend on Him. We need to learn to forgive others, so that we can be forgiven. We need to understand that trials and testing will come, and that they are part of what shapes us…and that we can lean on Him through those trials so we are not tempted to give up or give in. That is where the Lord’s prayer gets us…

And that is where a great prayer life starts. You see, the Lord’s prayer isn’t the final chapter…it is the introduction. It sets the stage for the adventure of diving so much deeper into Him. So learn from this prayer. Learn to put things in perspective. Learn who God is and who you are. Learn how to begin to approach Him…and then, instead of saying Amen and ending your prayer time…instead I challenge you to go beyond your prayer TIME and let your prayer LIFE truly begin.