ROOTS:  The practices, principles, and priorities of Christianity.

Roots is a 12 week small group study that walks you through some of the ancient, foundational teachings of Christianity.  We’ve divided these into three categories:  the practices, the principles, and the priorities of the Christian faith.

We start with practices because our habits are what form us; things like scripture, prayer, worship, and confession.  Then we move on to the principles, four key doctrines of the faith.  Last, we explore some of the core priorities of Christianity, virtues that foster a vibrant life with God; things like faith, holiness, justice, and mission.

Most importantly, we’ll do this together.  Christianity wasn’t meant to be done alone, so join us.

Study Guide

Access the entire video library below, and download a printable copy of the 12-week study guide HERE.


Session 1: Script

Session 2: Voice

Session 3: Main Street

Session 4:  Gift


Session 5: Beginning

Session 6: Fall

Session 7: Redemption

Session 8: Completion


Session 9: Faith

Session 10: Holiness

Session 11: Justice

Session 12: Mission