At Ransom Church, Serving Free of Self is one of our core values. But this can mean different things for each of us. Our goal is not to define the way you serve, our goal is to create opportunities for you to discover what God is calling you to. What does it mean for you to follow God’s call? Serving Free is about recognizing God’s voice and responding in faithful obedience. Our expectation is not that you serve in all four of these unless you feel called to by the Holy Spirit, if you need help deciding, let us know and we can talk with you about which one(s) are a good fit for you. We can’t wait for you to learn how God wants you to serve free of self this season!

This Christmas season, serve free of self by hosting a Christmas party for your neighbors, coworkers… anyone God has put around you to impact!

We’ve all encountered people who are unsheltered and have unmet needs. Whether they’re asking for help at a stoplight or waiting in line at a food pantry, our hearts hurt for our neighbors on the streets. Creating a hygiene kit is an excellent way to share kindness to a person in need.