Why We Exist

What is a ransom?
1. the redemption of a prisoner or slave for a price.
2. the sum or price paid or demanded.
3. a means of deliverance or rescue from punishment

1. to redeem from captivity/bondage by paying a price.
2. to release or restore on receipt of a ransom.
3. to deliver or redeem.

You may be wondering, “Why call a church The Ransom?”  The Bible says that Jesus Christ came to give his life as a Ransom for many.  We hold firm to three core values.  We are a people who Worship Free of Inhibition, Live Free of Sin, and Serve Free of Self.

Since 2009, it has been our mission to set captives free.  We want to leave no corner of our community untouched by the very real power of Jesus Christ.  We seek to be a church who meets with God without anything getting in the way, who holds one another accountable and does life together in community, and who serves wholeheartedly with passion and practicality.

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