Ransom Recovery


Hosted at Downtown Campus

Discussion groups | 4:45PM
Service | 6:00PM

Ransom Recovery is about setting captives free of their hurts, habits and hangups.  We do that by worshiping free of inhibition, living free of sin and serving free of self.
At 4:45 pm every Sunday, attenders will be divide into discussions groups that will include but are not limited to Grief Share, Divorce Care, Men’s Group, Women’s Group and a book study called The Cure.
When group is over we will come together to worship our Father at 6:00PM with a full Sunday service.  The Ransom Church believes that healing starts with worshiping the Father together in community.  The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it’s community.  So we are praying that you will allow us to adopt you into our family.  Please feel free to invite your friends, your family and anyone who needs to loved on.
For more information, email recovery@theransomchurch.org.