interactive prayer for real life change.


Restore is a prayer ministry that helps you get clarity and resolution about what holds you back and weighs you down.

Our team is ready and willing to walk through a session of prayer with you to break down the roadblocks in your life and discover the freedom to become who God made you to be.

Above all else, Restore sessions are an incredible way to connect with God and gain tools to pray more effectively and creatively in your everyday life. Sessions are confidential and you’ll set up a time to meet with our team in advance.


“My faith grew more in three hours than it did my entire life! I’m no longer suffocating in guilt, anger, loneliness and shame. Those dark feelings have been wiped away by Jesus’s perfect blood. They were replaced with absolute joy when I saw how pure and real his love is for me.”

“The group setting was warm and welcoming. I felt safe to cry, speak the lies, and embrace the truth. It’s really cool to do that in a community.”

“The best part of the session was seeing and hearing all the ways God confirmed what He was showing/speaking to me, through the words and verses shared through the Restore members. I walk away with no doubt in mind that He is real and that I heard from HIM.”

“So glad I went through the Restore session when I did. Finally feel free of more baggage from the past. I also appreciate the tools I learned there to stay free. I will not go back! This ministry is invaluable!”

“I have seen God working in more ways than I ever have. I have been told since I entered college that you are able to have a personal relationship with God and I never really knew what that meant. I thought I was doing it wrong. I saw in the session what that actually means.”


Do you find yourself anxious or distracted?

Perhaps what used to help you feel connected to God is gone or isn’t fulfilling any longer. Often when our routines are disrupted or we’re at a turning point in our growth with Christ we can become consumed by emotion or uncertainty and forget our grounding in Him. Contemplative Prayer is one discipline that serves as a great way to be intentional about seeking the face of Jesus.