Pastoral Residency

At Ransom Church we exist to set captives free, full stop.  We know that nothing can change a life like the transforming power of Jesus Christ and to that end, we are unapologetic about spreading the Gospel to everyone within our reach.  

Ransom Residency exists because we acknowledge that this work can’t happen in isolation.  Setting captives free requires the community of believers coming together in order to see the Kingdom built here on earth as it is in heaven.  One way that Ransom expresses this is by prioritizing the discipling, equipping, and sending out of the next generation of Pastors to see the Kingdom expanded.

Reports to:  Executive Director of Awaken + Residency

Hours: Part Time 

Purpose:  Ransom Residency is a two-year, pastoral and leadership immersion training program designed to give hands-on experience within the local church.  Pastoral Residents gain experience serving as part of a staff team in one of our ministry departments (Campus Pastor, Worship, Teens, or Kids).  The team in which the resident serves is chosen based on experience, team chemistry, and desired ministry future.

Pastoral / Leadership Opportunities: 60%

  • Assist assigned ministry team to express the church’s mission of setting captives free in the context of their ministry department.
  • Assist assigned ministry team to recruit, lead, and shepherd volunteers within their ministry department.
  • Assist assigned ministry team in planning / coordinating events.
  • Assist in providing pastoral care and guidance when needed.
  • Lead an area of ministry that reflects their personal capability and growth needs.

Staff Immersion Opportunities: 40%

  • Meets regularly with Executive Director, Ministry Coach & Personal Development Coach for coaching and development.
  • Checks email and SLACK and responds within 24 hours during the work week.
  • Appointments as needed/requested
  • Enter into a one-on-one discipleship relationship and/or group
  • Periodic compassion/service events
  • Attend staff/team meetings
  • Attend weekly leadership development meetings
  • Attend and serve at Sunday Gatherings (& Wednesday Ransom Teens if applicable) 

Residents work up to 29 hours per week and receive a $1000/monthly stipend.

To apply, complete the application below AND email your resume with any other supporting documents you wish to provide to [email protected].