for kingdom impact.


Residency at Ransom Church is a two-year Pastoral & Leadership Development Training. Residency is designed to immerse emerging leaders in the life of the local church and to equip them for a lifetime of kingdom impact.

Residents gain experience by serving on staff within one of the ministry teams, as well as receive one-on-one coaching from our ministry leaders. Through a collaborative learning experience, residents grow in their leadership capacity and personal development.

who should consider residency?

The residency is designed to provide a hands on ministry experience for those who are called to vocational ministry. Ideally, applicants will have a college education, some ministry experience and are looking to develop ministry and leadership skills.

what ministry team will i serve on?

The team in which the resident serves is chosen with the resident based on experience, team chemistry, and desired ministry future. Some of the teams the resident might serve on include:

Ransom Kids – 0-5th grade
Ransom Teens – Middle School / High School
Creative Arts & Worship
Campus Leadership

when does the residency program begin?

Residency start dates vary with availability. Inquire for more details.

how many hours a week does a resident work?

Approximately 29 hours per week are set for program involvement.

residents are given a month stipend.

Residents are given a monthly stipend of $1,000. A Housing Partnership is available with ApartmentLife for qualified applicants.


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  • Gain the leadership capacity and know-how to effectively and competently lead as a pastor.
  • Receive significant and real-life ministry experience.
  • Qualifies as supervised ministry towards Wesleyan Ordination.


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  • 1 on 1 coaching in ministry skills
  • Receive practical feedback within their current tasks and assignments to grow in ministry competence.


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  • Equipping you for life and leadership transformation
  • On your growth as a follower of Jesus.


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Weekly pastoral leadership training covering self-leadership, relational leadership, and organizational leadership.

exposure to
culture + DNA.

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  • Grow and work with a dynamic team
  • Exposure to the nuances and attitudes of a thriving staff and church culture.
  • Collaboration between kingdom-minded churches that challenge you to contextualize your learning environments.


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“Residency surrounds you with a community of people who care about you and can help call things out in you.”

-Hannah W.

“I was surprised at the amount of personal development. They really pour in and care about who you are as a person.”

-Josiah F.

“I’ve learned more about myself and have been given opportunities to grow through coaching and a controlled environment so I can become a better leader.”

-Jared K.

“My eyes were opened to all the ways that God has given me passion and equipped me.”

-Madison M.

“Residency taught me to humble myself. I didn’t feel like the Lord had prepared me enough to go into full-time ministry right after graduation and I’ve been able to come and learn more.”

-Jesse S.

“I value this residency because it has provided me practical ministry experience, all the while I am being intentionally poured into and coached in every area of my life. The result is huge growth personally, professionally, and spiritually.”

-Noah S.