It is our mission to Set Captives Free here at The Ransom Church! This mission has been accepted by many people in our church, but there are some people that have taken the mission overseas. Each month we to shine a spotlight on the individuals that have accepted the call to serve with international ministries. Our goal is to bring awareness to the work they are doing, pray for them, and support them financially if you feel led to do so.

This month we would love to introduce you to The Ott Family and their work in Africa by clicking HERE


Check out other people from The Ransom Church that have answered the call to ministry!



Our philosophy has been to remain focused on fewer missionary partners to maximize our effectiveness within those ministries. Micah Kephart from Poetice and Justin Kirklin from Casas por Cristo are a part of The Ransom Church family and we are proud to support them as they work to expand the Kingdom here on earth.  Even though we partner with those two organizations we have many people that have followed God’s call to serve abroad.


Driven by a desire to provide tangible expressions of God’s love and provision, Casas por Cristo began building homes along the U.S. / México border in 1993, first in Ciudad Juárez.  We have since expanded to Ciudad Acuña, México and San Raimundo, Guatemala.  Casas por Cristo (Homes because of Christ) creates important partnerships among various groups across international borders. To date, they have provided nearly 4,000 families with homes. But at Casas por Cristo, they go beyond building. They are dedicated to growing Christ’s church one home at a time by helping meet the physical and spiritual needs of their neighbors. For more information, visit  For further questions regarding this trip, email




Poetice International exists to cultivate healthy and sustainable communities through the arts, education and enterprise.  Their mission is to engage, equip and empower leaders to create sustainable, grassroots-driven, community development programs.  Poetice International strongly believes that through partnerships and collaboration, they become stronger, more efficient, and more effective.  They partner with other non-government organizations (NGOs) in the US for awareness and partner with local, indigenous NGOs in Zambia to help support orphans and train youth.  They also realize the they cannot and do not want to do what they do without the local church. For more information, visit


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